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I hate webdev :( I don’t like it anymore…

vacation pls.


not my image just my edit


me as a diamond.

I was exchanging emails with Parsons The New School for Design (http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/)

It is definitely one of my dream university. They mail me by giving a waive application fee worth $50.

I applied for the Associate Degree in Graphic Design because I’m thinking that I can’t apply for a Bachelor’s Degree because of all the requirements… but then they mailed back saying that I should apply again and choose Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design instead.

I don’t really want to get my hopes high because I can’t really afford to go to New York to stay, live and study there… except if they really want me to be part of the university.

Thesis update: 

I really do hope that I could pass my thesis subject. I’m very much 50/50.

I could end up crying right now and just work on something not related to school or anything.